Here Comes the Flu Season

I do not rely upon modern medication to maintain me healthy and balanced, but if you usually rely upon an influenza shot to secure you, you might feel anxious by your lack of ability to get one this year. You may be wondering what you can do rather. Or you might have discovered that influenza shots don’t give protection from all kinds of influenza, simply the ones the manufacturers presume will certainly be active this winter months. As well as you might question if there isn’t some other means to prevent the flu. Or maybe, like me, you favor not to utilize shots or drugs unless absolutely needed. You may wonder what natural herbs and treatments are the best to have on hand to aid your household take care of the flu.

No matter what your scenario, currently is a great time to offer on your own the benefit of Wise Woman Ways to stop – as well as take care of – the influenza. These influenza preventers as well as flu remedies are straightforward. They are rather risk-free. And you don’t need to be rich to use them. Wise Woman herbal medication is individuals’s medication. Mama Medicine. You can buy most of things I talk about in this article – and you can locate them growing easily, also. You can get the natural prep work I discuss currently made – and you can quickly make you own for dimes, as well.

These Wise Woman Ways are sustained by both custom as well as scientific research. Wise women with the centuries have kept themselves and also their households secure from contagious illness. And also science has actually found excellent factors for their effectiveness. I hope these tips will aid you deal with wintertime’s ills with self-confidence and healthiness.


The best method to prevent the influenza is to develop a powerful immune system. While this can not assure that you won’t get the influenza, neither can the influenza shot. Here are my favored ways to maintain my immune system strong:

Eat extra garlic.
Consume alcohol nourishing natural infusions daily.
Make immune-strengthening soups; or add immune-strengthening natural herbs to tinned soup.
Usage anti-viral natural herbs as required.


Among the most effective immune-system helpers is garlic. Dr. James Fight it out says it contains at least 17 various aspects that nurture and also support powerful immune system operating. Herbalists in the middle ages relied on it to avoid infection from the afflict, so it might keep us safe from the influenza. Garlic is anti-bacterial, as well. If you don’t like fresh raw garlic, powdered garlic is just as great. The dose is 1 or even more cloves of raw garlic daily, or as much as a tsp of garlic powder. Here are a few of my preferred means to consume raw garlic:

Top rushed eggs with minced raw garlic.
Put chopped raw garlic on pasta as well as cover with tomato sauce.
Try minced raw garlic on an item of hot buttered toast. Delicious!
Include diced raw garlic to your baked potato.
Mix chopped raw garlic and olive oil with warm cooked environment-friendlies like kale or spinach.


Nourishing herbal mixtures are the basis of wonderful nutrients for the body immune system as well as the whole body. They teem with antioxidant vitamins, minerals, healthy proteins, phytoestrogens, and also hundreds of safety phytochemicals that function to aid you prevent the influenza as well as colds too. Below’s just how I make a beneficial natural infusion:

Select one natural herb: nettle, oatstraw, red clover, comfrey fallen leave, linden blossoms, or violet fallen leave.
Place one complete ounce, by weight, of any type of one herb in a quart container. A canning jar is best.
Fill up the container to the top with boiling water.
Screw on a tight cover.
Allow it high for 4 hours, or overnight.
Stress the liquid out, pressing the herb.
Refrigerate the infusion. It will benefit 24-36 hrs.

I consume two to four mugs beneficial natural mixtures everyday – over ice, heated up with honey and milk, or mixed with other beverages. Go to for more tips on dealing with the cold and flu season.

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